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Key questions and answers related to wealth management.

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401(k) Plans

403(b) Plans

A Business Plan Can Be Your Guide to Growth

A Retirement Income Roadmap for Women

A Woman's Guide to Health Care in Retirement

All About Credit Scores

All about IRAs

Annuities as an IRA Investment Option

Asset Protection for Women: Beyond Insurance

Back to Basics: Diversification and Asset Allocation

Balancing a Retirement Portfolio with Asset Allocation

Balancing Your Investment Choices with Asset Allocation

Bonds, Interest Rates, and the Impact of Inflation

Charitable Contributions from IRAs

Charitable Giving

Common Annuity Riders

Common Factors Affecting Retirement Income

Concentrated Stock Positions: Considerations and Strategies

Counting on Your Husband's Retirement Income? Three Things Women Should Know

Converting Savings to Retirement Income

Working During Retirement

Women and Retirement Planning

Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Finances

Women and Estate Planning Basics

Why Women Need Life Insurance

Why I Don't Want to Buy Life Insurance


Weighing the Choice between Taxable and Tax-Free Bonds

Use Your Annuity to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance

Unit Investment Trusts

Understanding Bond Yields and the Yield Curve

Trust Basics

The Tax Benefits of Your Retirement Savings Plan

The Split Annuity: Current Income Plus Future Savings

The Roth 403(b)

The Roth 401(k)

The New Estate Tax Rules and Your Estate Plan

The Individual 401(k)

Test Your Knowledge of Financial Basics

Teach Your Children Well: Basic Financial Education

Staying on Track with Your Retirement Investments

Socially Responsible Investing

Social Security: What Should You Do at Age 62?

Social Security Retirement Benefit Basics

Six Steps to Consider Before Tapping Your Retirement Savings Plan

Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEPs)

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest?

Setting and Targeting Investment Goals

Separately Managed Accounts: Tailored to Suit You

Self-Directed IRAs

Saving for College

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

Roth IRA Conversions


Risk Management and Your Retirement Savings Plan

Rising Rates: Strategies for Managing Bond Risks

Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Retirement Plan Considerations at Different Stages of Life

Retirement Income Investing: Beyond Annuities

Reaching Retirement: Now What?

Qualified Personal Residence Trust (QPRT)

Protecting Your Savings and Investments

Protecting Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance

Planning Lessons for Educators: Addressing Your Financial Issues

Planning for Marriage: Financial Tips for Women

Planning for Incapacity

Paying the Bills: Potential Sources of Retirement Income

Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement?

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Plans: A Primer for Business Owners

Myths and Facts about Social Security

Monte Carlo Analysis

Monitoring Your Portfolio

Medical Professionals: A Prescription for Your Financial Health

Making Decisions About Medicare

Maintaining Your Financial Records: The Importance of Being Organized

Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging: Which Is Better?

Life Insurance Riders that Pay for Long-Term Care

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

Key Estate Planning Documents You Need

In-Service Withdrawals from 401(k) Plans

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Annuities

Income in Respect of a Decedent

How Secure Is Social Security?

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Threats

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

How Women Are Different from Men, Financially Speaking

Holding Equities for the Long Term: Time vs. Timing

How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs

How Much Annual Income Can Your Retirement Portfolio Provide?

Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Annuity Rider

Growth vs. Value: What's the Difference?

Getting Help from a Financial Professional

Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT)

Five Keys to Investing For Retirement

Five Questions about Long-Term Care

Fixed vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Five Key Benefits for Military Families

Financial Aid 101

Financial Basics for Millennials

Archive Resources - Retirement Planning

10 Years and Counting - As You Approach Retirement
401(k) Plans
403(b) Plans
Borrowing or Withdrawing Money from Your 401(k) Plan
Closing a Retirement Income Gap
Deciding When to Retire
Determining Your Retirement Income Needs
Early Retirement Considerations
Electing Early Social Security Retirement Benefits
Health Insurance in Retirement
Introduction to Retirement Planning
Medicare Basics
Myths and Facts about Social Security
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC)
Retirement Planning - The Basics
Retirement Plans for Small Businesses
Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
Social Security - What Should You Do at Age 62
Social Security Retirement Benefits
Supplemental Health Insurance - Medigap
The Roth 401(k)
The Transition into Retirement
Understanding Defined Benefit Plans
Understanding IRAs
Understanding Social Security
Working During Retirement
Your Home as a Source of Dollars in Retirement

Archive Resources - Financial Goal Planning

Asset Allocation
Balancing a Retirement Portfolio with Asset Allocation
Balancing Your Investment Choices with Asset Allocation
How Much Annual Income Can Your Retirement Portfolio Provide
How much money should I keep in a savings account for emergencies
Monte Carlo Analysis

Archive Resources - Budgeting & Personal Finance

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit Cards
Budgeting - Calculating Your Net Worth
Budgeting- General Information
Budgets and Cash Flows
Buying a Home Checklist
Correcting Errors on Your Credit Report
Credit Reports
Developing a Spending Plan
Disability Income
Getting Started - Establishing a Financial Safety Net
How can I reduce my spending
How to Cut Costs if You're Spending Too Much
How to Increase Household Cash Flow
Implementing and Monitoring Your Spending Plan
Income and Expense Statement
Interpreting the Information on Your Credit Report
Less Common Mortgage Options
Pay Down Debt or Save for Retirement
Personal Document Locator
Popular Types of Mortgages
Protect Yourself against Identity Theft
Repairing Poor Credit
Repaying your Student Loans
Requesting a Copy of Your Credit Report
Saving for College
Saving for Your Retirement
The Spending Plan - Setting and Prioritizing Your Budget Goals
The Spending Plan (Budget)
Using the Reasonableness Test in Creating Your Budget

Archive Resources - Investment Topics

Dollar Cost Averaging
Exchange Traded Funds and Index Mutual Funds Compared
Growth vs. Value - What's the Difference
Handling Market Volatility
Investing for Major Financial Goals
Lump Sum vs. Dollar Cost Averaging
Mutual Fund Basics
Protecting Your Savings and Investments
Socially Responsible Investing
Understanding Investment Terms and Concepts
Understanding Risk

Archive Resources - Tax Planning

Basis - Carryover or Stepped-Up
Family Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company
Gift and Estate Taxes
Tax Benefits of Home Ownership
Taxation of Investments

Archive Resources - Life Insurance & Annuities

Annuity Basics
Annuities and Retirement Planning
Cash Value in a Life Insurance
Funding Your Future with a Fixed Annuity
How Much Life Insurance Do You Need
Indexed Annuities
Life Insurance and Charitable Giving
Life Insurance and Estate Planning
Life Insurance at Various Life Stages
Life Insurance Basics
Protecting Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance
Types of Life Insurance Policies

Archive Resources - College Costs

529 College Savings Plans
529 Plans vs. Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
Advantages and Disadvantages of 529 Plans
Advantages and Disadvantages of Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
College Savings Plans vs. Prepaid Tuition Plans
Financial Aid 101
Financial Basics for Millennials
Finding Money to Pay College Bills
Higher Education Figures At-a-Glance
How can I save for my child's college education
How can we possibly save for retirement and our child's college education at the same time
How do I know if I'm eligible for federal financial aid
How does the federal financial aid process work
How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs
How Student Loans Impact Your Credit
How Will I Manage to Send My Child to College
Sticker Shock - Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College
What expenses are included in the annual cost of college

Archive Resources - Estate Planning

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts for Women
Asset Protection in Estate Planning
Charitable Giving
Estate Planning - An Introduction
Estate Planning and Income Tax Basis
Estate Planning Checklist
Estate Planning Key Numbers
Key Estate Planning Documents You Need
Leaving a Legacy
Portability of Applicable Exclusion Amount between Spouses
Trust Basics
Understanding Probate
Wills - The Cornerstone of Your Estate Plan

Archive Resources - Life Event Questions

Can You Afford to Have One Spouse Stay at Home
Choosing Your State of Domicile
Facing the Possibility of Incapacity
How long should I keep copies of my tax returns
Maintaining Your Financial Records - Being Organized
Second-Income Analysis (After-Tax Benefit of Both Spouses Working)
Should I invest my extra cash or use it to pay off debt
Should I retire now at age 62
Should I take out a home equity loan to pay for my child's tuition
Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest
Special Concerns
Special Considerations for Second Vacation Homes
Sudden Wealth
Teaching Your Child about Money
Teaching Your College-Age Child about Money
Teaching Your Teen about Money
Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance