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SPM’s mission is unmatched customer satisfaction both in performance and service, with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  We are focused on creating and implementing wealth management strategies, while educating and empowering our clients to identify and achieve their personal and financial goals.

One of SPM’s primary goals is to increase the financial portfolio of our clientele over time and to reduce portfolio volatility with an emphasis on preservation of capital. Through sound technical and fundamental analysis using our proprietary management models, we strive to increase the investment performance while reducing market risk.  It is our commitment to relieve our clients of the everyday responsibility of monitoring of their portfolios and to efficiently position them relative to market conditions.

Key to this process is understanding our client’s values that are most important to them and will motivate them to meet those goals.  All too often in the wealth creation and management process the focus is improperly placed on purchasing the right product or investment vehicle.  At SPM, only products or strategies are used that are part of an overall comprehensive plan designed to meet our client's defined goals.

While jointly defining client goals and creating and implementing strategies to help achieve those goals, a strong element of trust naturally develops between our wealth advisors and our clients.  Without the trust of our clients, we could not be successful, and that is why we consider the trust of our client's to be critical in helping achieve our client’s overall life and financial goals.