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The business of wealth management demands a disciplined professional approach with clear objectives.

At SPM, we apply a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing your wealth. We look at your entire life picture in the present and for the future.  We devise strategies that incorporate several aspects of your life. By listening to you, we learn what the financial challenges affecting you today are and what your definition of financial security is. Only then can we provide viable solutions to help achieve these goals and objectives.

The SPM process involves working closely with you to identify issues, review alternatives, recommend solutions, educate family members so they can make decisions, and assist you in implementing the selected course of action.

In addition to ongoing meetings and conversations with you and your family, SPM provides you with all of the necessary documentation and tools to keep you informed of the planning process and the status of your affairs on an ongoing basis.

By communicating through a disciplined process, we make certain that information, needs and values are shared in an accurate, timely and convenient manner that revolves around the following planning stages and tools.

Step 1: Discovery and Assessment. Through a discovery session, you will meet with an SPM Wealth Advisor to discuss your present financial situation and future financial goals.  SPM will provide a perspective on how we can help you with our integrated, comprehensive approach to Wealth Management.

Step 2: Comprehensive Financial Analysis. Using questionnaires and diagnostic tools, we analyze your entire financial portfolio and identify deficiencies and opportunities so we can help guide you closer to achieving your financial goals.

Step 3: Strategic Planning. With your input and our analysis in hand, we will devise a strategic plan and present you with recommendations on areas such as how to improve your overall financial performance, reduce your taxes, protect your assets, obtain cost-effective life, health, disability and LTC insurance, and enhance your estate plan (reference Additional Disclosures).

Step 4: Implementation. Once you have approved the strategic plan, we put your plans into action and monitor the activity and progress with your entire team of professionals (reference Additional Disclosures).

Step 5: Ongoing Monitoring and Enhancements. Your life is ever changing and sometimes those changes affect your financial goals and plans. Our periodic reviews with you help us stay up to date with changes that occur, allowing us to adjust the strategy and help keep you on track toward achieving your financial goals.

The foundation of our investment philosophy includes:

  • Defining short and long term goals
  • Using a disciplined investment process
  • Creating diversification
  • Controlling risk
  • Mitigating volatility
  • Having a long-term perspective on investments

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