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We are pleased to offer our clients Advisor Managed Portfolios based upon each client's specific risk tolerance.
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 SPM Wealth Advisor

 Captive Advisor

Focused on what you need.Focused only on what they can sell
Unbiased1 in finding the most appropriate solution.Restricted by what products or services are available to them.
Leveraging more sophisticated strategies used by the affluent.Using traditional approaches that are known to most people.
 Coordinating specialties into one integrated plan.Offering planning limited to their own specialty.

If you have concerns that your current advisors might be constrained by the limitations that a “captive advisor” faces, then you need to investigate how an SPM Wealth Advisor may benefit you.

Keep in mind, there are “independent advisors” who can offer products from various companies within their specific field of expertise (investments, insurance, etc.).  They are not the same as a Wealth Advisor who can offer unbiasedadvice across multiple disciplines in order to integrate your investment, legal, tax, and insurance needs into an comprehensive wealth management plan.

Please see our section on Integrated Wealth Management, which will help you understand the advantages of working with one firm that can become your single point of contact for your unique comprehensive and integrated wealth management plan.