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Using Financial Goal Planning to reach the Retirement
you want and the Life Goals You Desire.

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. By setting goals, developing and implementing financial strategies, and monitoring progress on a regular basis, the likelihood of achieving your results is greatly increased.

At Select Portfolio Management, Inc. we believe that every investor needs and deserves a high quality financial plan. A friendly and meaningful goal-based Financial Plan that is Smart, Adaptable and Client Friendly. Whether you prefer a comprehensive "Financial Blueprint" or only want simplified planning for one or two specific needs ... our systems and software can help you look at the probability that you will be able to acheive your long-term financial goals on virtually any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why Financial Planning with SPM is Different

Our Financial Planning process simply focuses on assumptions that have the highest probability to predict. For example, we believe is the long-term return on a portfolio, rebalanced annually is much more meaningful than trying to predict the performance of individual holdings. Focusing on clients’ savings and its relation to their current lifestyle is more predictive than trying to foretell actual income and expenses for the next 20 years. Most clients find it a challenge to budget for a entire year so it is likely they would be hard pressed to manage their life on a budget. It’s better to focus on what clients actually save. So in our improved financial planning process we look at client’s income this specific year, and see what they’re saving and/or contributing to investment portfolios, to retirement plans or for goal achievement.

Financial Goal Planning is an Ongoing Process

Our methodology is to show clients a plan as a range of possibilities. The more easily we can help clients do that ... the better their results progress over their lifetimes.

A FinancialGoal Plan (Financial Blueprint) helps clients make more appropriate decisions year after year, because they have better information. When a client is focused only on short-term returns, they often can miss the big picture.

Select Portfolio Management, Inc. (SPM) has developed a simple, two-step process to help individuals and families take control of their financial future.

We do all the hard work; all you have to do is dedicate a few hours of your time telling us about where you are financially and where you would like to go. We do the rest.


Step 1: Getting Started Online Right Now

Our clients all begin with a secure online Financial Goal Planning Questionnaire. With this questionnaire we receive the majority of the information needed to prepare a financial goal plan for you.

Simply start answering questions about income, assets, liabilities, and cash flow. Then give a quick summary of your financial goals and your attitude on risk. You can save your answers, gather information and continue later, so filling out the questionnaire is on your schedule. When you have completed the questionnaire, please click the submit button on the final page and we will be notified that all of your data is ready for review. We can then look at your numbers and we can then talk about how financial goal planning might help you better accomplish your goals in life.

Step 2: Financial Goal Planning

Once we have received your online questionnaire and then talked personally abbout your numbers and your financial goals ... that is when we can then talk about how financial goal planning might help you better accomplish your goals in life. If starting a comprehensive financial plan or another analysis makes sense to you ... we can then discuss the specific costs for those optional services and I can transfer your answers directly into our more robust financial goal planning software. If you want to look at our financial planning agreement ... CLICK HERE for a short PDF overview of our planning platform and the process we utilize.

There is no cost for completing the questionnaire or talking with us about your questionnaire, so there is no reason to not look at your numbers and get started today!

In our experience ... those that complete the online questionnaire get a much better handle on their retirement/lifetime goals. So, even if you decide that you want to hold off on creating a full Financial Goal Plan right now ... completing the online quesztionnaire can help you gain an understanding on where you are today. And thinking about your financial goals is always a great start on a better future.

Benefits of a Financial Goal Plan or FInancial Blueprint

  • You will have a better understanding of your current financial situation.
  • You can determine attainable retirement, education-funding, insurance, and other important goals.
  • You will have a better chance to have financial resources set aside to fund goals as they occur
  • .
  • You can reduce the financial impact of unexpected events, such as disability or premature death.

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